What are some activities that promote mental wellness?

Since 1958, UMass Global has been addressing the unique needs of adult students. While stress can't always be avoided, it helps establish healthy ways to respond to it.

What are some activities that promote mental wellness?

Since 1958, UMass Global has been addressing the unique needs of adult students. While stress can't always be avoided, it helps establish healthy ways to respond to it. One of the easiest things you can do literally from anywhere is to practice deep breathing. By inhaling so that the air that enters through your nose completely fills your lungs, you can help slow your heart rate and lower or stabilize your blood pressure.

In times of high stress, try to find a quiet space where you can practice this type of deep breathing and see how your body responds with a new sense of calm. Aerobic exercise is one of those activities that may require some internal persuasion to get started, but once you've finished a workout, you'll be glad you did. This is because exercise has been shown to improve mood. From running or walking to dancing, biking, or swimming, there are many mental health activities that can cause these positive effects.

So, if you notice your anxiety levels starting to rise, it could be a sign to return to a regular exercise routine to get your blood pumping and eliminate stress with sweat. But the benefits don't end there. In addition to calming the mind, gardening has been found to help prolong attention span. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health revealed that spending time among green areas can significantly reduce symptoms of ADHD, something that affects the mental well-being of millions of people across the country.

Bibliotherapy refers to the structured or voluntary reading of books with the goal of alleviating mental health difficulties. It may seem absurd at first glance, but reading has been found to decrease a person's depressive symptoms. An act as simple as reading a good book can help lower your heart rate and relieve muscle tension and, ultimately, relieve stress by up to 68 percent. Interestingly, several studies have indicated that reading works of fiction can be particularly beneficial.

Investing in the narrative arc of a fictional character can help increase a reader's sense of empathy, strengthen their social skills, and improve their level of interpersonal understanding. It may be your instinct to isolate yourself when you start to feel stressed, but sometimes, social interaction is key to staying on the right track. Several studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and even live longer, results that are true regardless of the age, sex, health practices, or physical health status of the test subjects. This publication provides 21 simple but effective ways to raise awareness about mental health in the workplace to destigmatize the problem and encourage workers to get the help they may need.

Learn more about the benefits of the Wellics employee wellness platform for mental well-being at work. Organize a variety of team-building activities, such as hula hoop competitions, egg races, and water balloon launches to generate laughter and encourage physical movement. A wellness gift exchange is a great opportunity to actively engage your employees in a wellness event. Adults live with a mental health problem, whether it's depression, anxiety, or some other medical condition.

Workplaces are believed to play an essential role in helping to curb low mental health rates among workers. Get creative with the newsletters in your hallways, making them an engaging Mental Health Awareness Month activity. It now has five tried-and-true mental health activities for adults, but one of the most effective ways to make sure you keep stress at bay is to master work-life balance. While there are a number of solo activities to improve mental health, you can't do it all alone—in fact, none of us are supposed to.

Or, ask for a specific topic to be addressed, such as stress management techniques or activities to reduce anxiety. With support structures and networks already in place, many mental health experts see the workplace as the optimal environment for creating a culture of mental well-being. Whether it's a subscription to a mediation app or a day at the spa, give your employees the gift of mental relaxation. Given the time people spend at work, it's vital that the workplace be a space that contributes to positive mental well-being.

Creating a mental health program at work can be a challenge and should be guided by trained professionals. That's why we've compiled this list of Mental Health Awareness Month activities that your team will no doubt get the most out of if they participate. .